Dufferin North Industrial Park

Located south of Glenmore Trail, west of Stoney Trail and 68 Street SE, Dufferin North is located in the core of Calgary's southeast industrial area. The park is comprised of 220 acres and will offer a variety of lot sizes for industrial and commercial uses.

This fully serviced industrial park is being designed for businesses that will benefit from proximity to intermodal yards, the airport and superior road infrastructure. Strategically located directly adjacent to the Canadian Pacific Calgary Intermodal Facility (6 minute drive), Dufferin North is an ideal location for distribution centres; many major retailers such as Sears, Canadian Tire, and Home Depot have already made this location as an integral component of their western distribution strategy. The park will be served by Calgary's public transit network, helping to ensure your workforce is well supported through ease of access.

Currently in the planning stages, lots will be released for sale in Q2 2016.


Dufferin North is located within southeast Calgary, south of Glenmore Trail S.E., north of the Canadian Pacific Intermodal Facility, west of 68th St. S.E., and east of 52nd St. S.E. It is directly adjacent to the Western Headworks Canal.

Municipal Addresses

  • 11020 – 52nd St. S.E.
  • 9425 – 68th St. S.E.
  • 10520 – 52nd St. S.E.

Community Profiles

» Shepard Industrial pdf document (415 KB)

Southeast Industrial Area Structure Plan

» Southeast Industrial Area Structure Plan pdf document (9.3 MB)

Dufferin North: Project Quick facts

Development Distribution, logistics and manufacturing site
Intended Use Ideally located for distribution and logistics uses adjacent to the CP Rail intermodal facility and in close proximity to major road networks and the Stoney Trail ring road.
Size Approximately 220 net developable acres of fully serviced land will be available for sale.
Zoning Industrial General (I-G)
  • South of Glenmore Trail S.E. and west of 68th Street S.E.
  • Adjacent to the Canadian Pacific Calgary intermodal facility
Transportation and Access
  • Primary access via 68 Street S.E. and 106 Avenue S.E.
    (both future four-lane industrial major roadways)
  • Construction of 106 Avenue S.E. and bridge over the Western Headworks Canal are currently underway. Upon completion, will provide direct access from 68 Street S.E. to 52 Street S.E.
  • 68 Street S.E. will ultimately be a four-lane divided arterial (major) road that will continue north of Glenmore Trail to its termination point at 64 Avenue S.E. 68 Street S.E. will not extend south of the Canadian Pacific intermodal facility.
  • 94 Avenue S.E. to be a four-lane undivided industrial (major) road that will connect to 52 Street S.E.
  • Quick access to Stoney Trail via Glenmore Trail S.E.
Transit The Southeast 68th Street Industrial Area Structure Plan provides that Dufferin North will be linked to The City of Calgary's primary transit network via 68 Street S.E. and 94 Avenue S.E. The road network within Dufferin North has been designed to accommodate future transit service to the area. Dufferin North has a large network of sidewalks and pathways that will provide connectivity to all businesses, recreational areas, and regional pathways within the Outline Plan area. The regional pathway will be present both along 106 Avenue S.E. and 68 Street S.E., as well as tying into the existing pathway adjacent to the Western Headworks Canal.
Environmental &
Dufferin North is a greenfield site which has never been developed. A copy of the Phase I Environmental Site Assessment commissioned on the entire subdivision is available for review. A geotechnical report on the entire subdivision is also available.
Fully Serviced Land Purchasers will have access to full services, including:
  • Deep utilities - storm, water, sewer (The City of Calgary)
  • Shallow utilities - power, telecommunication services, natural gas
  • Firefighting services (The City of Calgary)
Architectural Controls
  • Registered architectural guidelines will ensure quality sustainable building and site design elements are achieved
  • Purchasers will have the opportunity to submit customized equivalencies in order to meet specific site requirements
Asking Price
  • The park is undergoing resubdivision and no lots are currently for sale
  • Lots are expected to be released for sale Q2 2016

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Dufferin North is currently undergoing resubdivision. At this time lots are not available for sale to the public. Lots are expected to be available starting Q2 2016.

For further information please call 403-268-8979 or olshsales@calgary.ca.